Eligible Activities for the Facility

Surface Studies

Surface studies (exploration) to determine optimal locations for reservoir-confirmation wells of geothermal prospects that have previously been identified by an applicant. Surface studies can include geophysical surveys (e.g., seismic, gravity, magnetic, or magnetotelluric surveys), as well as supplementary remote sensing, geological, hydrogeological, and/or geochemical surveys, if these are necessary for siting reservoir confirmation wells. In addition, a surface-study program may include infrastructure required for conducting surface studies. Surface studies shall include an integrated resource report interpreting and summarizing the results of the work. This report should include a geological-conceptual model of the resource and identification and prioritization of prospective drilling sites.


Drilling projects at geothermal prospects can occur once optimal target locations have been identified. Drilling projects include well-testing programs to help confirm and update the conceptual model.  An appropriate exploration drilling program for funding by the GDF may comprise up to three full-size wells (≥ 5” diameter of the last casing or liner) suitable for production.  In addition, a drilling program may include: infrastructure required for exploration drilling (e.g., access roads, water supply, and electrical power), mobilization and demobilization of drilling rigs, and well testing. 

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