Procurement Guidelines

Applicants must agree and certify that they have abided to applicable KfW procurement standards. Applicants must provide a procurement plan with their application detailing the procedures put in place when contracting for services.

The Applicant must submit a procurement plan that meets KfW Procurement Manual and Sustainable Procurement Toolbox Standards and Guidelines (download available below).  These Procurement Guidelines incorporate policy provisions and procedures to promote transparency, accountability, and ethics in the operation, management, and reporting of procurement activities. All Applicants awarded grants are required to consistently apply these policies and procedures.

In addition, the Applicant is required to certify, at the time of application, that their plan does, in fact, meet KfW standards and guideline. The Fund Manager may, upon its discretion, recommend that KfW review or audit an Applicant’s submission for full compliance. However, an Applicant is encouraged to submit a third-party certification of compliance issued by a reputable accounting, audit and management company to avoid delays. Such third-party endorsement can provide additional comfort to the Fund Manager as well as KfW that the Applicant is in fact in compliance. All third party certification is performed at the expense of the Applicant.



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