GEOLAC 2020 / “7th Geothermal Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean” and 4th GDF Technical Assistance Forum”

October 13, 2020

7th Geothermal Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean

GEOLAC 2020 was held virtually this year. It was a successful and well-attended meeting. On October 8th, as part of GEOLAC, the GDF held a virtual Technical Assistance Forum (TAF) that was arguably the best attended to date. The TAF facilitates the transfer of information between public and private stakeholders concerning relevant policy and regulatory issues. The TAF also provides an update on the GDF. KfW Bank provided new and exciting information on the GDF including the announcement of an increase in funding intensity for contingency drilling grants which will begin with Call 6 on November 2, 2020.

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